Crane hire Christchurch & Timaru

Our fleet


The Liebherr LTM 1080 all-terrain mobile crane has a maximum lift capacity of 80 tons, and a maximum telescoping main boom length of 48m, with a lattice jib extending to a maximum of 67m. A combination of technological sophistication and capabilities make this crane extremely flexible, functional and reliable.

It is powered by a Liebherr 6-cylinder turbocharged engine, has a maximum speed of 80km/h, and has an 8x6x8 drive and configuration, with all wheel steering.


Our Grove KMK is the latest addition to our fleet and has already proven itself as a vital link in the supply of versatile machines with it’s outstanding off road, pick and carry and free on wheels capabilities,

While being the smaller of our cranes it has the advantage of accessing smaller and tighter working enviroments while having a full power boom and easy operation this crane can set up and perform lifts in the most time efficient manner,

Volvo FH and Transporter

Our Volvo FH Heavy Truck and Transporter, ideal for specialist transport and recovery with it’s recovery winch seen here in action loading a rail wagon onto a specialist rail track mounted on the deck, and another picture of the transporter relocating two crawler tractors for a client.

9 Tonne Digger/Excavator

An older machine but ideal for those clean up jobs around the farm or forestry block etc.


12m (40’) semi trailer refurbished by our inhouse workshop and available for a wide range of work from roofing iron, packs of building materials, and general freight requiring the use of a flat top semi.

13.2m (43′) Transporter with tilting deck, ramps and winch, Ideal for anything from Traction Engines and Bulldozers to CNC machinery, transport and recovery of trucks, short buses, motorhomes Agricurtural machinery, boats, caravans etc

13.2m (43′) Semi Flat top Semi with twist locks making an ideal trailer for all manner of loads from Shipping Containers to over length item such as Roofing Iron, and pipes etc

9m transporter, ideal for moving wheeled or tracked machines around without the expense of the larger multi row transporters.

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